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Since its establishment in 2010, Leha Transport and Refrigeration Services Company has rapidly grown to become one of the major companies providing storage and refrigeration services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over 250 employees, we embody our commitment to quality and innovation. Thanks to God, our team spirit, and our continuous pursuit of excellence, we have achieved a leading position in the field of storage solutions. We are proud to offer top-level refrigerated, frozen, and dry storage services.
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We strive for integration and commitment in everything we offer, focusing on teamwork and continuous innovation to enhance our services and meet our clients' expectations.
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We ensure product safety by applying precise and continuous monitoring and quality systems and using the latest systems to maintain product quality


Construction of Dry and Cold Storage

Cold Storage Maintenance

Dry and Cold Storage Operation

Dry, Cold, and Frozen Storage


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Happy to serve our clients.For collaporations , inquiries and complaints press ← HERE

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