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 About Us
We pride ourselves at Laha Company for Food Products and Dates on being pioneers who embrace teamwork and effective collaboration with our partners. Our success is based on well-thought-out strategies and a team of managers and experts who work hand in hand with our clients to meet their ambitions and needs tirelessly. From this solid position, our products have earned the Global Good Agricultural Practices certification and the Saudi Dates Quality Mark, an achievement that reflects our commitment to high production standards and precise specifications.
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 Origin and History

Laha Food Products and Dates Factory was established in 2015 with a production capacity of up to 30,000 tons annually. Our factory is located in the strategic heart of Riyadh-Kharj Highway, providing the latest date production lines subject to the strictest quality and control standards.
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Manufacturing Stages

Manufacturing Stage

Upon receipt, we start by removing dust and impurities using advanced techniques to purify the dates before moving them to the washing stage.

Fumigation and Sterilization Stage

The dates are sterilized in dedicated rooms using internationally approved gases to ensure their safety and environmental friendliness.

Sorting and Grading Stages

We separate dates that do not meet our standards and grade the rest by size, preparing them for packaging.
Washing and Drying Dates Stages
The dates are washed with sterilized water from desalination plants and dried to the highest standards.

Sterilization Stage

The dates are sterilized again with steam heat to ensure they are free from any harmful chemical oxides.

Manufacturing and Packaging Stage

Processed dates are packaged in 50 grams, 500 grams, and 1-kilogram packages, and boxed for distribution.

Quality and Inspection Stage

In this stage, it is ensured that the dates packed in boxes are in good condition, free from defects, and ready for delivery to cold storage warehouses.
Storage Stage
The packaged dates are stored in warehouses at a temperature not exceeding 20 degrees Celsius to ensure they are preserved in the best way.

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