About Us

About Us

Leha Group originated in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and expanded to encompass numerous companies serving diverse sectors, thanks to the trust bestowed upon us by our clients. Our journey began in 1995 with the production of 1000 tons of potatoes and has continued to grow.

In 2003, we introduced refrigerated trucks to facilitate transportation and established Leha Cooling & Storage, a large project comprising 10 refrigerated warehouses in various regions of Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, Leha Trading and Marketing was established to provide superior agricultural services, including seed and agricultural equipment supply.

In 2004, we established Leha Contracting for architectural services, offering construction and building services.

At Leha Group, we constantly strive to deliver the best services and products to our clients, relying on professionalism and quality.

 Our Mission
At Leha Group, we believe that continuous development and the provision of high-quality services and products contribute to achieving growth in the economy of Saudi Arabia at both local and global levels.

 Our Vision

Leha Group aspires to become a benchmark for excellence and growth in the development of our companies.


Leha Group is working towards its future by offering high-level services and utilizing the latest technology. We strive to be the first choice for customers, focusing on innovation and quality, ensuring our leadership in local and global markets.


Integrity, quality, and transparency are the foundation of our work. We adhere to the highest international standards in every facility and recognize the importance of strong relationships with our partners and the community.
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 Growth and Diversity
Since our beginnings in 1995 as a small individual enterprise with a modest agricultural area and limited production, we have evolved, by the grace of God, along with struggle, ambition, and determination, to become what we are today—a Leha Group. Our group now consists of several leading companies, all efficiently and professionally serving the agricultural sector. We have solidified our position as one of the top potato producers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By 2011, our cultivated area had grown to 5300 hectares, covering all regions of the Kingdom from the north in Al-Jouf to the central regions of Hail and Al-Qassim, and reaching as far south as Wadi Dawasir. This expansion wasn't limited to agricultural lands alone; it also involved establishing refrigerated warehouses in multiple areas across Riyadh, Hail, Al-Qassim, Wadi Dawasir, and Jeddah, with a total capacity exceeding 30,000 tons. All of these facilities bear the prominent brand name. We operate over 900 trucks dedicated to efficiently delivering our products within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Under another name for our strong brand.
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